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Terms and Conditions (GTC)



All services provided by JK-Personal Fitness Coach are fully subject to these conditions unless modified or supplemented by written agreements.


1. General

Basically, a service from JK-Personal Fitness Coach takes one hour. For serious planning, please request hours at least 3 days in advance. I also ask you to keep appointments on time in order to be able to guarantee efficient and effective training to achieve your individual goals (and since it is at the expense of your time).

2. Prices and terms of payment

In the case of a subscription, the full amount must be transferred by payment slip 5 days after the start of the 1st training session or paid in cash. Other variants (e.g. individual training) are paid in cash on the training day or transferred before the start of the training. The prices quoted include VAT. The price also does not include the rental of premises (sports halls, fitness centers, indoor pools, sports facilities, etc.). So that you do not incur any costs, I ask you to cancel a training session at least 24 hours before the agreed date.

3. Health Questionnaire

The health questionnaire with your health information and your goals must be filled out in full right at the beginning. This is mandatory to secure JK-Personal Fitness Coach. The more personal information I have from you, the more individual, efficient and effective the training can be. As a personal trainer, I am bound by confidentiality.

4. Insurance

Insurance is the responsibility of the participant. JK-Personal Fitness Coach disclaims any liability for accidents and illnesses.

5. Conclusion of contract

The contract is legally binding when it is ticked and signed by both parties. The terms and conditions of JK-Personal Fitness Coach are thereby recognized.

6. Miscellaneous

If a subscription can no longer be used (illness or accident), the service can be obtained at a later date after presentation of a corresponding medical certificate. After consultation, the training can also be transferred to another person. Training sessions are non-refundable.

7. Customer's Failure to Use the Service

If the services of the provider are not used, the customer has no right to a price reduction or reimbursement.

8. Jurisdiction, Applicable Law

Place of jurisdiction is the seat of JK-Personal Fitness Coach. The contract is subject to Swiss law.

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